sprach und integrationsbegleiter Englisch- Deutsch - Language and Integration Companion

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Language and Integration Companion English-German - sprach und integrationsbegleiter

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About the book:

With the English-German language and integration companion in your hands, we want to make your stay in Germany easier. This book will help you when you go to the market, to government offices, to the doctor, or even in other important situations.

In this book, we present sample sentences used in important everyday situations. In addition, there are examples of words that can be used in the sample sentences. The ability to express yourself can be expanded through the aids to sentence construction.

In cases of uncertainty, we have adhered to the standards of colloquial language and the prevailing forms of address.

The bilingual specialist vocabulary includes all the vocabulary used in the main chapter and is found at the end of each main chapter, arranged alphabetically.

This book not only contains information about social life in Germany, but also tips for interesting situations and to ensure a comfortable stay in Germany.